Web Development Services

CMS (Content Management Systems)

I’ve become quite adept in working with various content management systems, with WordPress becoming my specialty overall.


  • Custom WordPress Theme Development

  • Theme Customization

  • WordPress Plugin Development

  • WordPress Plugin Customization


  • Custom Shopify Theme Development

  • Custom Functionality

  • Shopify App Integration & Setup

  • Shopify Theme Customization

Alternative CMS

In addition to working with the well-known CMS, I can also work with your proprietary CMS. I would only require a small learning curve, the cost of which I will incur at my own expense. Most CMS run on PHP, a language I am very familiar with. Once you know one CMS, you pretty much can figure out how most of them work. I have the utmost confidence that I would be able to work with your system, and in the event that I’m unable to, I will find someone who can.

Web Application Development

I’ve developed a wide range of custom web applications, from the seemingly simple, to the obviously complex. I’ve built calculation tools, database comparison tools, social networking interfaces, and a whole lot more. My primary concern is always user experience, and efficient programming.

Mobile Application Development

At this time, I am only providing mobile applications which replicate browser functionality for a website. I do work with mobile applications, but at this time, they are too involved and interfere with web development work, for which I have a greater passion. However, if you would like to have a standalone mobile app that essentially just replicates the “mobile version” of your website, I can provide that service.