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Print Design; Business Card


Print Design; Business Card Quite some time ago, I was hired to do all of the graphics work for an emerging enterprise called “Vici Squared (Vici2)”. The name later became “MyVici”, but we went through an entire branding development for Vici Squared. For this particular design, I actually also designed a small graphic that can… Read more »

Print Design; Tri-fold Brochure; Sleepwise


Print Design; Tri-fold Brochure; Sleepwise Client: Undisclosed Role/Project Scope: This project was completed through an intermediary, and prefers to remain anonymous. I designed this brochure to be very “corporate” in nature, but while maintaining a pleasing and soothing aesthetic…it is a sleep clinic after all.

Print Design; Menu/Brochure Cover

Print Design; Menu/Brochure Cover – Los Amigos Client: Los Amigos Project: Brochure/Menu Design Purpose: Showcase Los Amigos variety of tortilla products, available for purchase by restaurants. As requested by the client, I created this 2-fold brochure/menu, showcasing the company’s tortilla products. The menu displays various descriptions for products that are available, as well as product… Read more »

Print Design; Poster Design; Gig Poster; Ever We Fall


Print Design; Poster Design; Gig Poster; Ever We Fall Client: Role/Project Scope: The illustration for this poster was interesting. I took a sweater sleeve, and scanned it into Photoshop using a Deskjet scanner. I then traced my hand on a piece of paper, and sort of “carved” lettering into the shape of the traced hand,… Read more »