Web Development; Custom Shopify Theme & Functionality

Client: Malagana Design

Scope: Web Development, Custom Shopify, HTML/CSS, jQuery, AJAX, Custom Language Selector w/ Translation, Custom Currency Selector, Liquid

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Project Details: Malagana Design specializes in creating awesome furniture that defies gravity. They decided to open up a Shopify store, and needed a completely custom theme to match a design that was created by Auxiliary. It was my job to develop this design into a functioning theme with advanced functionality.

The client requeste a custom language selector, which would allow the user to change the language of the entire site to Spanish, which would be based on a translation entered in the back-end by the administrator. I created this using a combination of jQuery and AJAX, and tapped into the session to store the selection (allowing it to remain selected throughout use). The same was done with a currency selector, although a portion of that logic was done using a known solution.

Additionally, I implemented a custom swatch selection method that was more advanced than the standard recommendation in the Shopify documentation. I implemented a blog and press section, complete with modals to display the content for each item.



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