Web Design & Development; Custom WordPress Theme

Client: Walk Your A.S. Off

Scope: Web Design, Layout, WordPress Theme Development, HTML/CSS(3), jQuery, PHP

Project Details: Walk Your A.S. Off is a charitable organization which helps those who suffer from A.S. They had a pre-existing WordPress site that was using a pre-made theme from WordPress.org. They were hoping to attract new sponsors, and wanted to update their website with a new custom theme, which would be more catered to their needs.

The client required both the design and development of the theme, so I began by providing some initial layouts, created in Adobe Illustrator. Once we arrived at a solid design that would meet the needs of the group, I began developing a custom WordPress theme from scratch. Some of the elements that were required were custom sign-up forms, as well as custom profile fields and displays, along with total tallies of users’ meta data.

Users can sign up, and visit a custom profile page for themselves. On this page, they can also enter the number of steps they have walked for the charity for that week. These are stored and tallied automatically as they increment, as well does a running total of the entire user population.

As with all projects these days, this theme was created to be responsive to all devices, so that it would be mobile-friendly. To do this, I’ve altered the layout depending on the width of the device, using @media queries.

The site seems to have been an improvement to their pre-existing site, and has some improved functionality as well.