Web Design; Custom WordPress Theme + eCommerce

Client: Lurk

Scope: WordPress Theme Development, HTML/CSS(3), jQuery, PHP

Project Details: Lurk produces natural fragrances using all-natural ingredients. Years ago, I built a flash website for Lurk using a design they provided. Some time after, as Flash became obsolete, the design was “re-imagined” and I reproduced the Flash site as a WordPress theme.

In addition to a standard WordPress theme with informational content, I included a “shop”, allowing users to purchase items directly on the site. Payments were processed using Quickbooks, for easy connection to the client’s accounting software and credit card processing system.

There are some custom fade animations in the UI, as well as an embedded HTML5 video

Update: this site has been recreated using Shopify, for easier management of inventory and content. It is no longer visible in its original state as seen above.



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