Web Design & Development; Custom WordPress Theme; Full-scale Social Networking and Daily Deals Site

Client: MyVici

Scope: Web Design, Layout, WordPress Theme Development, HTML/CSS(3), jQuery, PHP, Google API Integration, AJAX, Drag & Drop UI/UX, Buddypress

Project Details: MyVici was the brainchild of Mike Tokar of Origin Technologies. My role in the project was initially to handle only the design, but after some time, it was realized that it might be best for me to head up the development as well. We had another developer working on the project, and although he was skilled, things just weren’t “aligning” the way we had hoped. So, I stepped in, shifted us to using WordPress in order to make some use of the custom functions that already exist within WordPress.

Initially, the site was intended to be a competitor to Groupon, offering daily deals that are purchased using the “group buying” method. Over time, more and more functions were added to the site, as the scope and scale of the site increased. At this point, I actually traveled to the client’s location in Framingham, Massachussetts, and spent multiple months living in a Red Roof Inn, coding custom features of the site.

Some of the innovations used in the site include:

  • Drag & Drop sharing of content with friends in user’s sidebar panel
  • Locate and select from Google API a listing for a particular business
  • Connect to all friends from your contact list, or via an existing social network (before this was common)
  • Manipulated Buddypress to the point of being an almost entirely new system
  • Real-time voting and storage of vote counts, as well as the ability to filter/order by those counts



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