Web Development; Custom Magento Theme; PSD to HTML; Mobile Repsonsive

Client: Esposito Sausage

Scope: Magento Theme Development, HTML/CSS(3), jQuery, PHP,, PSD to HTML Conversion

Project Details:

esposito-home esposito-innerpage

What made this difficult, was that the .psd provided, was only for full-scale screens.  Ordinarily this might not be a problem, but since the content stretches to the edges of the planes, we are presented with a problem.  We have to figure out how to get the items to change with the width of the screen, so that everything stays relatively the same (until we get to smaller sizes).

esposito-mobileThis particular project was somewhat difficult with regard to mobile responsiveness.  However, it was able to be achieved.  In order to do so, I had to eliminate some items from the header area, in order to make sure everything fit.