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Print Design; Business Card

Quite some time ago, I was hired to do all of the graphics work for an emerging enterprise called “Vici Squared (Vici2)”. The name later became “MyVici”, but we went through an entire branding development for Vici Squared.

For this particular design, I actually also designed a small graphic that can be used separately as an icon, mark, or any other required branding element. Considering the purpose of the site, and it being related to connecting people, I decided to create a “grid” of profile pics. Atop this I overlaid the V2 image I created as an iconic branding mark.

The purpose of this card was to promote the site, but also to serve as a general-use business card. So, the reverse side of the card contains standard business information (title, address, email). I do not currently have the file I used for that design, but will seek it out and post it the next chance I get.

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