Web Design & Development; Custom WordPress Theme; CWA

Client: CWA (via Auxiliary)

Scope: Web Layout Modifications, Custom UI/UX for Gallery, Mobile Responsive Conversion of Theme

Project Details: CWA is a high-end architectural firm. They had a pre-existing site, done in WordPress, that needed some updates. The goal was to convert their existing theme to one that would be responsive to mobile, to be sure the site was “mobile-friendly”. This consisted of writing new CSS declarations to cause the layout to adjust to the width of the device the user is viewing on.

Additionally, the gallery section needed a better method of organization and user interaction. We consolidated the gallery with a grid of thumbs above the “list-style” format of the items. Clicking one of these thumbs would bring you to the respective project. Each project was given one large featured image with a small row of thumbs underneath. Selecting these would switch out the featured image with that image, using jQuery. Where the thumbs exceeded the width of the container, a right or left arrow appears, allowing the user to scroll to the next set of thumbs.