Web Development; Custom Search/Filter & Browse Functionality; WordPress

Client: New American Goods

Scope: PHP, WordPress, jQuery, AJAX, HTML/CSS

Project Details:New American Goods is an online shopping platform that specializes in providing “Made in the U.S.A” products only. This way, customers can be sure that the products they buy were made in the United States.

The client had created a database of products in WordPress, using the custom post concept. These were also organized by custom taxonomies. It was my job to create a method of allowing the posts displayed to be filtered by combinations of selections by the user. For example, if the user wanted to see only those products in California, they would simply select “California” from the selections. They can then filter further by selecting product category, etc. This was accomplished using primarily AJAX with PHP and jQuery. I utilized some of the WordPress default functionality for some population of content, and then filtered that content using AJAX.