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  • Illustration – Portrait

    Illustration; Portrait


    This drawing was done using pencil, pen and ink, colored pencil, and Prismacolor markers. The basis for the drawing was a photograph from a magazine spread, from which I deviated a bit with some creative liberty. The image used was really just as a base from which to build.

    I first created the base sketch using a light 2h pencil. I then worked up a bit into some darkness using an HB pencil. As I did this, I also started laying a light layer of a flesh-like color of colored pencil. I continued this process until I had a basic flesh base.

    I then started bringing some black ink in, in order to provide a dark element to make the image a bit more dynamic. It also helped to start giving some shape to the hair, which was quite dark.

    In order to give the drawing a more “rustic” sort of a feel, I went back in and made things a bit grainier, by overlaying another layer of colored pencil wax, and then light hatching it with pencil. This chips away a little at the colored pencil, producing small granules of difference in color. It makes it look a bit more “rough”, which to me, seems a little more visually interesting to look at. Otherwise, you might as well be looking at a photograph.

    In retrospect, I think I overworked the “roughness” a bit too much, resulting in a less professional looking image. In the thumbs of the progress, you can actually see a higher quality version (in terms of technique), where less flaws are present. Some flaws were revealed through this process of refining over and over, which, in the end, was not necessarily a benefit. In future attempts of a similar nature, I will avoid making similar mistakes.

    Additionally, I left a few areas somewhat “unfinished”, in order to give it a bit more visual dynamism. I think that the lack of definite solidity gives more character to the subject, and allows the viewer a little more breathing room for imagination.

    Waterville-20130308-00057 Waterville-20130308-00059 Waterville-20130308-00060 Waterville-20130312-00064

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  • Custom Illustration; Dog Mascot


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  • cthulu-digital-illustration

    Cthulu Illustration; Digital

    This illustration was used for the logo design I created for Phantasma Publishing, a table-top game publisher. The client requested a Cthulu inspired design, and the examples provided were very illustrative. So, rather than a traditional logo, I created a combination of a logo design and a full-on illustration. I’ve included this as an illustration and a logo design.

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  • Hallway Sketch

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  • Hippy Girl Illustration; Digital

    I created this digital illustration to be used as a profile image for a social media page for a client. The image was originally from a photograph, which I used as the source to create this digital illustration.

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  • Digital Illustration; Children’s Book

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  • Illustration – Marker


    Albert Einstein, Sort of

    This illustration consists, essentially, of nothing more than scribbled lines of marker and pen. I was looking at an image of Albert Einstein at the time, and attempted to make the scribblings coalesce into an image that resembled the image I was looking at. I think the result is actually quite precise, albeit a bit distorted.

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  • Illustration

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  • Illustration; Pen & Ink

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  • Illustration; Cartoon Dog Mascot


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