How Ron Swanson Can Help You Find A/B Testing Ideas [PODCAST]

I’ve always been a fan of Ron Swanson of Parks & Recreation, and have always been interested in A/B Split Testing. How the two could be combined was not something I ever even considered…but then…I came across this blog post on Twitter, and it was pretty cool. I thought I’d share it as well. You can check out the original article by unbounce here: (hopefully they don’t have a problem with me posting this here)

Have you ever spent time setting up an A/B test only to see a marginal increase in your conversion rate (or even worse – a drop)? You can test all the best practices on your landing page and still not get that conversion boost you were hoping for.

Sometimes, the best A/B testing ideas come from unexpected places. What if you were able to learn your prospect’s favorite TV show and then use that information to formulate smarter A/B testing hypotheses?

In this episode, we speak to Allison Otting, Disruptive Advertising’s Head CRO Designer, about how to let your prospects guide your landing page optimization efforts.

In this episode you’ll learn…

  • How learning about your customer’s aspirations and hobbies can bring you A/B testing ideas
  • Why borrowing ideas from skateboarding culture got a skiing company a 34% lift in conversions
  • What Ron Swanson can teach you about creating landing page design layouts that convert

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Mentioned in the podcast

  • Test Hypothesis definition via the Conversion Marketing Glossary
  • 2 Questions That Will Help You Gather Endless A/B Testing Ideas by Allison Otting via Unbounce
  • All you could ever want to know about Ron Swanson via the Parks & Recreation Wiki
  • The Ultimate Guide to A/B Testing via Unbounce
  • Theme Music: “Gypsy Song” by the Freak Fandango Orchestra, available on the Free Music Archive, under CC by license