Need the URL of a WordPress Thumbnail/Featured Image?

It’s actually quite easy. Just use this: $url = wp_get_attachment_url( get_post_thumbnail_id($post->ID) ); Then where you may need to use it, just echo $url. I typically use it when I need to set a background image for an element, especially those that need “background-size:cover”. Granted this does require placing that style inline, but it shouldn’t be… Read more »

You Really Don’t Need a Plugin to Create a Custom Post Type in WordPress

Wordpress Tips, Tricks and Advice with Jon Day Design

There are a ton of custom post type plugins out there, but honestly, they are almost wholly unnecessary for developers. If you’re comfortable with editing some basic php code, you can create your own custom post type quickly and easily. Really, even those who are not familiar with PHP could accomplish this same task themselves,… Read more »

Integrate qTranslate with WP-Subtitle and WooCommerce

I’ve been working on a WordPress project involving WooCommerce and language translation. One of the requirements of the project, is for the client to have translated text for any specific elements. To start with, we used a basic full-page translation through Google translate, but this didn’t provide the individual translations the client prefers. Additionally, the… Read more »

Suggested E-Commerce Platforms

In my experience, the three best solutions for e-commerce are: Shopify Wordpress with WooCommerce Magento Shopify makes it easy to open an online store by providing all the tools and help you need. With Shopify, you can easily create and launch a store with little-to-no HTML knowledge. In addition, if you want to have more… Read more »

Daybreak Web Solutions

Hello All, I’ve created a new design and development services company in the Tampa Bay area called “Daybreak Web Solutions“. I will still be offering services as an independent designer, developer and consultant, but if your needs require more of a team effort, be sure to engage Daybreak Web Solutions. We’re providing the absolute best… Read more »

Multiple Contact Forms in Shopify

Recently, I was tasked with a Shopify project, built primarily from scratch, using the Minimal theme as a base. I was provided a design, and my goal was to replicate this design, even though multiple aspects are not conducive to the standard Shopify usage. One of these aspects, was having more than one contact form… Read more »

Populate Mobile Hamburger Menu with Content of Primary Navigation Menu; WordPress

I’m writing this specifically for use in WordPress, but I’ve actually applied the same thing in multiple scenarios, including Shopify. Essentially, it’s more of a general “CMS” problem than anything else. The problem generally being that you might only be able to include one instance of a template-tag generated navigation menu. Often times, a theme… Read more »

Sticky Sliding Header; Multi-Level; WordPress

Recently, I was tasked with the goal of creating a sliding, sticky header. The cumbersome aspect of this, was that it contains multiple elements, only the middle of which actually needs to “slide up” (think slideUp()). So, I went through several methods, none of which matched the exact “vision” the client had for the appearance…. Read more »